set of outdoor wicker furniture on a patio with grass in the background

Tips For Choosing Quality Outdoor Furniture That Will Withstand Perth Weather Conditions

Feb 15, 2023

With Perth’s climate, it is important to choose furniture that can handle the hot summers and cold winters to ensure your outdoor living space stays looking great. Whether you are looking for something modern and stylish, or something that adds a classic charm to your backyard, there is an outdoor furniture option for your Perth home here that can suit any budget and taste. 

From hanging swing chairs and papasans, you can find outdoor furniture that will have your backyard looking perfect all year round.

Tips when choosing outdoor furniture:

Select the Right Materials

Choose materials that are weather-resistant. Look for materials such as teak, rattan and natural woven, or resin wicker that are designed to withstand the elements.

When you select metal furniture, choose rust-resistant metals like aluminium, wrought iron or stainless steel.

Consider cushion materials. Sun and rain can take a toll on outdoor furniture, so look for cushions made of water-resistant outdoor fabrics. Make sure cushion covers are removable and washable. Consider UV-resistant fabrics to avoid fading from sun exposure.


Make sure all the pieces are strong and sturdy, and won’t break down or collapse under stress or weather conditions.

Perth can get very windy, so if you live in a suburb with windy conditions, look for items with built-in wind-resistance features such as heavier bases and good solid structures. 


Choose furniture with padded cushions or softer materials for added comfort.

Style and Design

Make sure the furniture fits in with your existing outdoor décor, whether it’s a classic or modern style. You might also want to create cohesion between your indoor and outdoor areas, so choose colour and design elements that match your interior.  

Whether your outdoor area is small and intimate, or large and spacious, you will be sure to find plenty of ideas and inspiration here at Living Emporium. Find a store near you or shop online.